Logos Academy aspires to become the obvious choice where people can develop or hone their communication skills. Naturally placed in the birthplace of democracy and rhetoric, where "pathos, ethos, logos” were first described as necessities for any kind of persuasive speech, Logos Academy is an International Center, the fulcrum of communication education, where the interpersonal values are cultivated while creating an energetic forum of different people, talents and ideas.

As a Center, Logos Academy is a hybrid of both a place and an online service. The 2020 pandemic has been the mother of both restrictions and opportunities in the education field. Restrictions, since an Institution in the form of a locus, is no longer adequate as the sole provider of instruction. Opportunities, as the world has, out of sheer need, caught up with the preexisting media of elearning and working remotely, realising even further the absolute need for efficient communication skills. We utilize the limitless and borderless nature of an online educational program, reaching out to the invaluable source of international instructors whilst acknowledging that public speaking skills are ultimately honed when having an audience, hence creating all the possible parameters for such an opportunity to occur.